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Evolving bank security

Technology seems to evolve at a faster pace every day. And with every new step financial institutions take; from adding more ATMs and self-service stations to enabling mobile banking, criminals try new ways to circumvent security measures.


  • Jaider Corzo

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Brivo OnAir for Government

Increase government IT systems security while saving time and money with the first cloud-based FIPS 201-2/FICAM-compliant Physical Access Control Systems (PACS).

Using Brivo’s OnAir for Government as the model, here’s a quick list:

  1. Initial capital funding costs are reduced due to the elimination of dedicated PACS & Validation Servers, thick clients and associated software that resides in the cloud. Smaller agencies benefit from the “community” based consumption model.
  2. 99.99% reliability through Brivo’s high-availability and geographically separated disaster recovery cloud stacks in hardened, FISMA-rated Moderate co-lo facilities.
  3. Periodic technology-refresh headaches are eliminated – no more dedicated servers and clients to replace on 4 or 5-year intervals.
  4. Unlimited scalability
  5. You’re always on the latest User Interface version
  6. Brivo’s Anytime/Anywhere availability may contribute to agency Continuation of Operations Plan (COOP) implementation and planning
  • Jaider Corzo