AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit

Product Description

Small bullet-style design for easy installation

  • Easy and discreet installation
  • Rotates and tilts to the desired viewing direction
  • 102° horizontal field of view
  • HDTV 720p resolution

Easy and discreet installation

AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit has a highly compact bullet-style design. It can rotate and tilt to the desired viewing direction, and has a base plate smaller than the palm of a hand. It enables easy and discreet installation on indoor ceilings and walls, and is ideal for use in stores, kiosks, banks, hotels and offices.

AXIS F1004 Bullet comprises a fixed lens and an image sensor. It offers a 102º horizontal field of view, a 720p video resolution, and good low-light performance. It comes with a detachable 8-m (26 ft) cable for connection to an AXIS F Main Unit.

Compatible AXIS F Main Units:

  • AXIS F34 Main Unit
  • AXIS F41 Main unit
  • AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input

Datasheet: Axis F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit

$157.07 CAD

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