AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit

Product Description

Varifocal lens and HDTV resolution for highly discreet indoor surveillance

  • Flexible, discreet design for indoor use
  • Varifocal lens with 1080p resolution
  • 53º - 108º horizontal field of view
  • Supports WDR Forensic Capture (with AXIS F41/F44 Main Unit)

Discreet installation

AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit, together with an AXIS F Main Unit, is ideal for use in highly discreet indoor surveillance applications. The sensor unit can be installed in tight places and flush-mounted in a wall or ceiling, while the main unit can be placed further away where there is space.

AXIS F1015 comprises an image sensor with 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a varifocal lens that provides between a 53° and 108° horizontal field of view. A varifocal lens gives users the flexibility to adjust the field of view to suit the application. In tele mode, finer details can be captured in a narrower field of view. In wide mode, more of a scene can be covered.

AXIS F1015 also supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Forensic Capture, which can be activated when the sensor unit is connected to a main unit that supports this feature. WDR Forensic Capture enables a high level of detail to be visible in both the bright and dark areas of a scene.

Compatible AXIS F Main Units:

  • AXIS F34 Main Unit
  • AXIS F41 Main Unit
  • AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input

Datasheets: AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit

$394.66 CAD

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