AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit

Product Description

Fisheye lens for discreet, wide area HDTV surveillance indoors or outdoors

  • Flexible, rugged design for indoor, outdoor and mobile use
  • Fis-eye lens with 1080p resolution
  • Ultra-wide 194° horizontal field of view
  • Supports WDR  Forensic Capture (with AXIS F41/F44 Main Unit)

Discreet, wide area surveillance

AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit, together with an AXIS F Main Unit, provides wide area coverage with a fisheye view. It is ideal for highly discreet overview surveillance in indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications; for example, at entrances, long corridors, around an ATM (automated teller machine), in emergency vehicles, buses and trams.

The small sensor unit can be installed in tight places, flush mounted in a wall or ceiling, or incorporated in a light bar on top of an emergency vehicle. The rugged, IP66-rated AXIS F1035-E withstands dust, rain, snow, vibrations, shock and temperature fluctuations.

Datasheets: AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit

$356.55 CAD

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