AXIS Q6054-E Mk III PTZ Network Camera

Product Description

Outdoor-ready PTZ with 30x zoom and focus recall

  • Lightfinder
  • HDTV 720p, D1 or 4CIF resolution with 30x optical zoom
  • Focus recall
  • Zipstream
  • Vandal-resistant

For demanding conditions

Sweeping overviews and zoomed-in detail. Instant focus and good image quality  even in low light. AXIS Q6054-E Mk III is an advanced outdoor-ready PTZ camera that gives you all that. Designed for demanding conditions, it’s ideal for surveillance at airports, train stations, arenas, and in any city-surveillance scenario anywhere you need fast and precise, round-the-clock pan/tilt/zoom operation.

In focus in an instant

Focus recall helps you get more out of your AXIS Q6054-E Mk III in challenging light conditions. There’s no need to focus manually or wait the second or two it takes for autofocus to adjust. Focus recall gives you instantaneous focus even in low-contrast scenes or scenes with point-shaped light sources such as headlights in oncoming traffic.

Good image quality around the clock

AXIS Q6054-E Mk III features a sensor that makes it highly light sensitive and comes with Lightfinder technology. That means you can count on good image quality even in low light scenarios and dark environments. AXIS Q6054-E Mk III also features WDR, which ensures excellent detail when there are both bright and darker areas in a scene.

Sharp images. Low bandwidth

AXIS Q6054-E Mk III features Axis Zipstream technology, which analyses the video stream in real time to identify areas of interest. These areas are compressed a bit less than other areas, preserving important details in full image quality, while reducing storage and bandwidth by up to 50%. The result is high-quality images and significant savings.

Datasheets:  AXIS Q6054-E Mk III PTZ Network Camera

$3,486.95 CAD

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