Axis Q8414-LVS White Network Camera

Product Description

Corner mount in stainless steel and anti-grip

  • Anti ligature corner camera
  • Stainless steel
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy and safe to clean Built-in invisible IR LED illumination

Designed to prevent

The unique corner mount camera lacks ligature points while the anti grip design meets the requirements for installations in correctional and medical facilities where there is an increasing need to prevent self harm and avoid internal conflicts. The camera is available in two color versions, powder coated white (AXIS Q8414-LVS White) and brushed stainless steel (AXIS Q8414-LVS Metal).

Audio detection

Thanks to the built-in surface mounted high quality microphone, audio detection can be used as a complement to an indoor video surveillance. Audio detection may be used as an alarm in order to identify urgent situation, such as the sound of fighting, screaming, slamming doors or gunshots. The audio does not need to be recorded, avoiding issues with local legislation, but it is intended to trigger an alarm. The audio feature can also be disabled.

Datasheets: Axis Q8414-LVS White Network Camera

$1,714.60 CAD

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