AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB

Product Description
  • Optimized for surveillance cameras
  • Health monitoring ready
  • SD card adapter included   
  • 3-year warranty
AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB is a high performing edge storage solution optimized for video surveillance. Edge storage enables flexible storage solutions such as de-centralized video recording and may eliminate the need of an onsite server, DVR or NVR.

In applications with bandwidth limitations, live video can be viewed in low resolution, while high resolution video is recorded locally on AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB. Combined with Axis Zipstream technology, even high resolution video can be recorded effectively local on AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB, both for primary storage or as redundancy for failover recording in case of lost connections.

Datasheets: Axis Surveillance Card 64 GB

$91.46 CAD

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