AXIS T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount

Product Description
  • Adjustable length, telescopic arm
  • Swivel - easy to install and maintain
  • Corrosion protected
  • Installation flexibility: parapet and wall

Made for any parapet

AXIS T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount helps installer to adjust the arm length of the mount. This is useful when the camera needs to see above thick parapets or any obstructive elements on the facade of the building. You can connect the Ethernet cable to an RJ45 connector grip at either end of the internal fish tape to pull the Ethernet cable through the pipe.

Wall or parapet

AXIS T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount can also be used as a wall mount when there is a requirement to place the camera further out from the wall compared to standard mounts.

Swivel functionality

Its ability to swivel 180 degrees on its own axis, allows for easy and safe mounting/maintenance of the camera from a rooftop.

Highly resistant

The telescopic parapet mount offers protection against corrosion and the aluminum material offers resistance against impacts.


The mount is intended for outdoor fixed and PTZ dome cameras supporting a 1.5” NPS thread. A retrofit mounting bracket (optional accessory) makes it possible to reuse holes drilled for Pelco’s PTZ dome parapet mount.

Datasheets: AXIS T91D62 Telescopic Parapet Mount


$468.24 CAD

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