Ex Power Supply UL

Product Description
The power supply is UL certified and it is made of epoxy powder coated copper free aluminum with stainless steel cover bolts and hinges. It is pre-mounted with fuses, terminals, RJ45 coupler and 115/230 V AC transformer, which provides 24 V AC for explosion-protected cameras.
To enhance security and ease-of-installation, the power supply has three open 3/4" NPT cable entries for cable conduits. The power supply can connect to 120 V AC, 230 V AC, or 24 V AC.
The operating temperature ranges between -40°C to 55 °C
(-40°F to 131 °F).
Weight: 30.5 kg (67.3 lb).

Datasheets: Ex Power Supply UL

$8,743.70 CAD

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