Geovision GV-PA200 Signage Player

Product Description

GV-Signage Player

  • Multimedia support
  • Video resolution up to 720p
  • A/V, VGA, and High Definition outputs
  • SD card, CF card and USB storage
  • IR remote control

PA200 is a digital media player, which is designed to play the digital audio and video contents on TVs, computer monitors, or any compatible display devices. The device is built-in a USB port, a SD card slot and a CF card slot for connection to storage devices used for storing the media files. It also provides various output methods, including High Definition, A/V and VGA connection, making it flexible to play the audio and digital contents on various entertainment devices.

Datasheets: Geovision GV-PA200 Signage Player

$254.99 CAD

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