Geovision GV-VS2420 Video Server

Product Description

4CH H.264 AHD 1080p Video Server

  • H.264
  • 4-channel AHD 1080p / 720p and analog 960H / D1 real-time video
  • 12V DC
  • Tampering alarm
  • USB HDD Storage
  • Support UMTS / 3G / 3.5G / 4G
  • Automatic switch between WiFi and 3G
  • Support over 50 PTZ models
  • Support 29 languages on Web interface

GV-VS2420 is a powerful H.264 Video Server with compact size and supports multiple applications. It supports 4-channel AHD 1080p / 720p and analog 960H / D1 real-time video, fully integrated with GV-System (GV-DVR/NVR) / GV-VMS to form the most powerful IP solution. GV-VS2420 converts analog signals into high resolution digitized images up to 2 megapixels. It also supports over 50 PTZ models to fulfill various project demands. It can record video to a local USB storage, forming the smallest video recorder. It can also activate Tampering Alarm alerts when cameras are tampered with, which can prevent criminal activities successfully.


  • The GV‐Video Server cannot work with the microphones that acquire power from the unit. Use microphones that have external power supply.
  • GV-VS2420 supports 1 external hard disk (2.5" or 3.5") with up to 4 TB capacities.
  • It is not recommended to use the flash USB drive with GV-VS2420 because of its slow read and write speed.
  • Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • When transmitting video signals over a long distance, it is highly recommended to use 5C-FB coaxial cables or above to minimize the degradation of image quality. The transmission distance should be within 300 m (984 ft).

    Datasheets: Geovision GV-VS2420 Video Server

    $441.99 CAD

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