HID EDGE EVO® ESHR40 & ESHRP40 Hi-O Controller

Product Description

EDGE EVO® Solo ESHR40 & ESHRP40 Hi-O Controller/Reader

HID Global’s EDGE EVO® Solo ESHR40 & ESHRP40 Controller/Reader is a cost-effective, stand-alone, IP -enabled access control solution that is designed for sites with one or two doors in an indoor environment utilizing Hi-O technology. Distributing intelligence right to the door, the single-door solution provides the ability to power all devices around a door using Power over Ethernet (PoE), significantly reducing total door installation costs by eliminating the need to install a separate power supply. It also utilizes less expensive CAT5 wiring compared to traditional structured cable.

EDGE EVO Solo is built on HID Global’s OPIN® development platform and can be remotely reconfigured through the web browser from stand-alone operation to a system controller in a host environment of multiple controllers.

Key Features:

    • Hi-O compliant providing streamlined and smart installation.
    • Includes integrated Hi-O iCLASS® (13.56 MHz) or multi Class Reader (iCLASS and 125 kHz HID Prox) with optical tamper.
    • Optimized for IT-savvy installations; smart switches disable network ports in case of tamper.
    • Increased security provided by encrypted data exchange between controller and Hi-O devices.
    • Manages up to 1000 cardholders/credentials.
    • Manages 8 schedules and 3 intervals each day.
    • Optimized price point with reader and controller combined

    Datasheets: HID EDGE EVO® Solo ESHR40 & ESHRP40 Hi-O Controller/Reader

    $625.45 CAD

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