HID Reader/Enroller RKLB57 bioCLASS™

Product Description

RKLB57 bioCLASS™ Reader/Enroller

Using 13.56 MHz contact less smart card technology, the bioCLASS™ RKLB57 readers provides users with new options for supporting multi-factor authentication of identity. Combining contact less card presentation with a fingerprint biometric, the bioCLASS reader can also be used with personal identification numbers (PIN). Featuring multi-factor authentication, HID's bioCLASS readers offer the highest level of security. Storing the fingerprint template only on the smart card, users benefit from the increased security, faster throughput, easier system management, lower costs for the biometric reader and reduced concerns over individual privacy. Choose from three levels of security, including card/biometric fingerprint, card/PIN and card/fingerprint/PIN. 

The bioCLASS RKLB57 is a read-only, con tactless smart card reader with a keypad and biometric sensor that provides access control verification and fingerprint enrollment all in one reader.

  • Field Enroller (6180BxR) can be configured as a dual-purpose reader/enroller, single purpose enroller-only or reader-only.
  • Additional field configuration allows for selection of language (choose from 9 languages), administration rights (store rights on card or in reader) and template storage location (small templates fit anywhere on iCLASS® cards)
  • Field Enroller comes with multilingual quick start guide and English instructional CD
  • Site unique keys protect card access control data (Elite) or biometric templates (Bio-Elite).

Key Features:

    • Increased Security - Multi-factor authentication with smart card reader, keypad and fingerprint verification module
    • Reader and Field Enroller - One unit (field enroller) provides access control verification and fingerprint template enrollment
    • Added Privacy - Fingerprint templates are stored on the iCLASS® smart card to alleviate privacy and database management concerns
    • Field Configurable - Dual-purpose reader/enroller for a variety of installation situations, including reader/enroller, enroller-only or read-only
    • Multi-Lingual Support - LCD is configurable into one of ten languages for reader and enroller functions
    • Compatibility - Works with the broadest range of open standard contactless smart card products, available from over 40,000 re-sellers worldwide.

      Typical maximum* read range

        Read Range
        iCLASS Card: Up to 4" (10.2 cm)
        iCLASS Key/Tag: Up to 1.25" (3.2 cm)
        8.43" x 4.17" x 2.28" (21.4 x 10.6 x 5.8 cm)
        Power Supply
        245 mA AVG, 299 mA PEAK
        Transmit Frequency
        13.56 MHz
        Card Compatibility
        iCLASS 15693 & 14443B - 16k bit (2k Byte), 32k bit (4k Byte)
        Warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.(See complete warranty policy for details).

        Datasheets: HID Reader/Enroller RKLB57 bioCLASS™

        $1,727.43 CAD

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